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The T-62 is a Soviet main battle tank, a further development of the T-55. Its 115 mm gun was the first smoothbore tank gun in use. The T-62 was produced between 1961 and 1975 The T-62 is a rank VI Russian medium tank with a battle rating of 8.3 (AB/RB/SB). It was introduced in Update 1.61 Road to Glory. The T-62 is a further development of the T-54 series and was made to fight the newer NATO tanks. It features a 115 mm U-5TS smoothbore gun, which makes the T-62 the first tank in-game and in real life to use a. The T-62 family ultimately consisted of a myriad of production variants and upgraded types. The T-62A designation marked modified T-55 prototypes with their 100mm main guns. T-62 was used to designate proper initial production models and these fielded the 115mm smoothbore main guns. The T-62K was the command tank variant of the T-62 production model

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The T-62 was a tough nut for contemporary Western tanks. A standard NATO 105 mm gun, used on the French AMX-30, German Leopard 1, and American M60 Patton, could penetrate front armor of the T-62 at ranges of around 1 500 meters. However currently the T-62 is vulnerable to most anti-tank weapons Bearing in mind that the T-62 was an unpretentious tank by design, the high velocity APFSDS ammunition fired from its smoothbore 115mm gun allowed it to achieve a level of anti-tank performance that outmatched the M60A1 despite the absence of an optical rangefinder and a ballistic computer as found on American tanks - in the 1977 edition of the field manual FM71-2, it is stated that the T-62 holds a 5-10% advantage of killing an M60A1 with the first shot at a range of between 600 to 1,400. Upravená verze T-62, sériově vyráběná od roku 1967, z krytu motorového prostoru odstraněny poklopy pro přístup k motoru. T-62 model 1972 (Objekt 166) Upravená verze T-62 vyráběna od roku 1972, poklop nabíječe vybaven držákem pro umístění protiletadlového kulometu DŠKM 38/46 The U-5TS (production designation 2A20) tank gun is a 115 mm- calibre weapon that was fitted exclusively to the Soviet Union's T-62 main battle tank. It was the first smoothbore weapon designed for tanks and heralded the change in main armament from rifled cannons

T-62, Soviet tank with a great gun, APFSDS stock, great stabilizer, decent mobility, and somewhat trolly armor. For the trade off of a long reload, at 8.0. Can someone please tell me why on gods green earth this is allowed at 8.0 The original versions of these tanks met in significant combat for the first time in the 1973 Arab-Israeli War, and this conflict give us good insight into the strengths and weaknesses of both tanks. It's an interesting comparison, since the two m..

The first Soviet medium tank mass production with smoothbore gun The T-62 is the successor to the T-55, and entered service in 1961. Principal differences include a larger 115mm gun, along with a redesigned turret, longer hull, and an automatic spent brass ejection mechanism. The T-62 has a conventional crew layout with four crewmembers: driver, loader, commander, and gunner

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다양한 T-62 바리에이션을 원한다면 현재로서는 트럼페터가 유일한 해답이 될듯 하다. 아래에 바리에이션 목록을 기술한다. T-62 Mod.1960 T-62 Mod.1962 T-62 Mod.1962 (Iraq modification) - 이라크 개량형 T-62 Mod.1962 (Iraqi Regular Army) - 이라크 정규군 T-62 Mod.197 As a further development of the T-55 series, the T-62 retained many similar design elements of its predecessor including low profile and thick turret armor. In contrast with previous tanks, which were armed with rifled tank guns, the T-62 was the first tank armed with a smoothbore tank gun that could fire APFSDS rounds at higher velocities The T-62 Medium Tank was born from the need to upgrade or replace the aging T-54/55 series in order for Soviet tanks to be able to defeat their new western counterparts in battle. This tank's 115mm smoothbore gun was a notable upgrade over the earlier rifled D-10T The T-62 MBT was developed from earlier T-54/T-55s. However, the T-62 has a longer and wider hull, different spacing on the road wheels (a distinct gap is located between the third and fourth and fourth and fifth road wheels.), different turret shape, and a longer and fatter gun barrel with a fume extractor towards its muzzle

The first Soviet medium tank mass production with smoothbore gun. music: Jon Hallur Haraldsson - Retribution (EVE-Online ost The T-62's main gun has a barrel that is fatter than the T-55's. The cylindrical bore evacuator is close to the muzzle on the T-55, whereas it is located one-third of a barrel length back from the muzzle on the T-62's 115mm gun. Both tanks lack return rollers, but the T-62 has six road wheels on a side while the T-55 has only five The T-62 is an old tank; its design goes back 41 years in 2005. But unlike the obsolete T-54 fielded by the Korean People's Army earlier in the game, a T-62 is a much more serious threat. The T-62 features a larger main gun- 115mm versus the 100mm gun of the T-54- and has better armor, a slightly better top speed, and a faster turret traverse T-62の車体に戦車型より平たい無砲身の砲塔を持つ対戦車ミサイル 駆逐戦車。 ミサイルは自動装填式で、発射機は装填後砲塔上に跳ね上がるように展開し、発射される。砲塔前面206 mm・車体前面100 mmと、この手の車輌としては極めて重装甲だった。 1968年-70年の間に生産され、部隊配備されたが.

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The T-62A doesn't have major drawbacks aside from its lack of gun depression. This disables the T-62A from efficiently fighting on hills unlike some tanks in its tier. When playing the T-62A, use the tank's main advantages to spearhead an advance as the tank is capable of taking in some shots while being able to deal a good amount of damage to. The T-62M-1 is a rank VI Soviet medium tank with a battle rating of 8.7 (AB/RB/SB). It was introduced in Update 1.79 Project X.. A modernized version of the famous T-62, the T-62M-1 chiefly features improved firepower, fire control, and protection in a similar manner to the T-55AM-1.The hull and turret feature add-on composite armour, including the conspicuous brow arrays on the turret cheeks T-62A: Besides the standard 7.62-mm PKT coaxial machine gun with a range of 1,000 meters, the T-62A version features a 12.7-mm DShK antiaircraft machine gun with a range of 1,500 meters against. T-62 gun sight T-64 gunsight To use, go to settings 1. first, Go and take the T-62 or T-64 out for Test Drive (the historical sights settings wont show up unless you are in test drive) , Go to Controls->Tank control , under camera control, set Mouse Wheel to sight distance control, this allows you to use your mouse wheel to adjust the sights.

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  1. The rounds fired by the T-62 are similar to the T-72 but lack guided missiles and are weaker. In comparison, the T-62 has a surplus of fragmentation rounds which are deadly against infantry. The gun features two levels of zoom, but lacks a digital rangefinder. It still has analog rangefinding marks on the sights however
  2. Development of the first Soviet post-war medium tank started in 1951. In 1961, the T-62 tank with a smoothbore gun was deployed. At the same time a variant, the T-62A, with a rifled gun was also deployed. In March 1962, mass production of the T-62A was discontinued. The T-62 tank was mass-produced from 1961 through 1975, with a total of twenty thousand vehicles manufactured
  3. It takes more than 21 seconds for the T-62's turret to rotate through a full 360°, which is longer than the time needed by US and NATO tanks of the time. The T-62 was armed with the world's first smoothbore tank gun, giving it considerably greater muzzle velocity than the Western 90 mm and 105 mm tank guns of its time
  4. El T-62 es un carro de combate soviético/ruso diseñado a finales de los años cincuenta y producido a partir de la década del sesenta. Fue el último sucesor de la venerable línea de tanques que se inició en los años cuarenta con el extraordinario T-34.Aunque su estructura general es muy conservadora y poco innovadora, se trató del primer carro de combate en incorporar un cañón de.
  5. The 115-mm smoothbore main gun has a longer and thinner tube than the 100-mmgunof the T-54/55, and its bore evacuator is located about two-thirds of the way up the gun tube from the turret. There is also a 7.62-mm coaxial machine gun, and model T-62A also mounts a 12.7-mm antiaircraft machine gun at the loader's hatch position

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568 Contact & Infrared Temp Gun. The Fluke 568 two-in-one contact and non contact thermometer can stand up to tough industrial,... Compare this product . 561 HVAC Infrared & Contact Thermometer. The Fluke 62 MAX+ combined with the T+PRO voltage continuity tester and the 1-AC-II voltage.. Download this stock image: Soviet T-62 battle tank turret and machine gun. Advanced weapon deployed worldwide. Captured by US military for exploitation. - C2T88G from Alamy's library of millions of high resolution stock photos, illustrations and vectors Shop for New and Used Guns. Browse a wide range of rifles, shotguns, handguns and firearms for purchase online through proper regulations at Guns.com

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  1. The T-54/55 series eventually became the most-produced tank in history. Estimated production numbers for the series range from 86,000 to 100,000. They were replaced by the T-62, T-64, T-72, T-80 and T-90 tanks in the Soviet and Russian armies, but remain in use by up to 50 other armies worldwide, some having received sophisticated retrofitting. During the Cold War, Soviet tanks never directly faced their NATO adversaries in combat in Europe. However, the T-54/55's first appearance in the West a
  2. T-62A with the historical 115mm smoothbore gun - posted in Game Suggestions: Would be pretty cool to see the T-62 with the 115mm smoothbore gun that the Soviets designed for it. It fired an APFSDS projectile with quite high penetration but that could easily be tweaked to keep it from being over kill. Could basically have 400-420 alpha would be kinda cool
  3. The Gauss Rifle (Gauss Gun in Shadow of Chernobyl), officially known as Item 62 or Project 62, is a weapon created by researchers and weapon smiths within the Zone. It is featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl and S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat. A special prototype variant of the weapon, the EM1 Rifle, only appears in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
  4. The T-72 medium tank is similar in general appearance to the T-64. The T-72 has six large,die-cast, rubber-coated road wheels and three track return rollers. It has a 14-tooth drive sprocket and a single-pin track with rubber-bushed pins. The gunner's IR searchlight is mounted to the right of the main gun
  5. Hello Warriors, Check out this Armored Warfare article on how and why the T-62 ended up with the unusual 115mm gun caliber: http://aw...

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Authentic Soviet T-62 Main Battle Tank Rambo ducks under and hitches a ride underneath an authentic Soviet T-62 Tank. This was the night compound sequence filmed in Israel, (which was the only way a US film could obtain a Soviet tank, since no motion picture vehicle company in the US had access to real Soviet armor, especially a relatively. Description. The M134 Minigun (7.62 mm) is a six-barrel rotary machine gun which is powered by an external source to rotate the barrel allowing for a high rate of speed when it comes to firing the weapon. This gun can be plugged into an electric motor or a vehicle such as a UH-1 helicopter to receive power. The term minigun is in reference being smaller compared to the original and larger 20. Tac Force® - T.T.S. 62 Discreet Soft Gun Cases have a proven track record of durability and quality used by law enforcement and military personnel. Each case is manufactured using 900 Denier materials treated with DuPont® Teflon® to ensure product durability and longevity Man shoots gun outside Killen home, later arrested. At around 4:45 p.m. Monday, a person called the Killeen Police Department to report a domestic disturbance on 58th Street in Killeen The T-62 originally was conceived as a companion weapon to the T-55. It was essentially a T-55 up gunned with the 2A20 115mm cannon. Both the T-55 and T-62 used the same wheels, tracks, engine and transmission. The main difference of the two is the longer hull and new turret design on the T-62

Herzlich willkommen bei eGun dem Marktplatz für Jäger, Schützen und Angler. Bitte beachten Sie, dass auf unseren Seiten u.a. Artikel angeboten werden, die dem Waffengesetz der Bundesrepublik Deutschland unterliegen You would be surprised how much carnage a person can do with just a knife or something bigger. You don't have to stop and reload. You just have to keep on slashing. I suppose your correct. We should find some comfort knowing they had no guns. I am guessing that doesn't matter too much to the people that were butchered Gun Profile - AR10 T. 01/26/2011 03:04 AM | by Abbey Clary. The Armalite AR10 Target is a semi-automatic target rifle chambered in .308 Win. or 7.62 NATO. The AR10T is an upgraded version of the AR10

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1000 rounds 223/556 brass case 62 grain ammo. $650/1000. No trades. Sean 509-590-316 7.62MM DT machine gun is the same as the DP-28, but modified for use in vehicles. It's mounted in the T-38 Model 1937, T-26 Model 1933, BT-7 Model 1937, T-70 Model 1942, T-34/76 Model 1942, T-34/85 Model 1944, IS-2 Model 1944, GAZ BA-64, BA-6 and T-20 Komsomolets A-Weight 50, 54, 58 and 62 cal. B-Weight up to and including 54 cal. (SPECIAL ORDER ONLY) Edward Marshall Barrel $183.00 Calibers Available: 50, 54, 58 and 62: Early American Barrel $185.00 Calibers Available: A-weight 36, 40 B-weight 40, 45, 50 C-weight 50, 54 D-weight 58, 62: Classic American Barrel $190.00 Calibers Available: A-weight 36, 40.

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But a gun is useless without its ammunition, which has a long and storied history in the United States - dating back to the Founding Fathers and the use of armories. Commercial ammo as we know it today began with a familiar name, Eliaphalet Remington, who founded what is now the oldest manufacturer of firearms in the U.S. in 1816 Ammo 115mm gun for T-62 1:35: Miniarm B35119 - Ammo 115mm gun for T-62 1:3 Kyle Rittenhouse, Accused Kenosha Killer, Won't Face Gun Charges In Illinois By Brakkton Booker. Oct. 14, 5:03 p.m. CT Drop the gun! cops yelled over and over — but the suspect didn't, and ended up dead in a fusillade of 62 police bullets in a shooting captured on cops' body cameras Kelly McGillis isn't bothered. The Top Gun actress, 62, is simply going about her life with her two daughters in North Carolina, where she moved years ago in an attempt to escape the Hollywood glare and get sober despite possible career repercussions — a bold and admirable move given the history of Tinseltown celebrity burnouts. And now she quietly and, by all accounts, quite happily.

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T-72 M T-72 tank retrofit ( modification 85 ). In the T-72 M1 modification the upper armouring and the turret armouring, with ceramic cores, have been reinforced; in the T-72 M ( 85 ) modification only the turret armouring has been reinforced and smoke-producing equipment has been added. Machine gun: PKT ( co-axial ) Calibre 7.62 mm. gun (substance painter) by alaagaber | CGPortfolio: Build your online digital art portfolio. Drag and drop upload, viewable on any device. Computer Generated Image Machine Gun, 7.62-mm, M60D. The M60D is an aircraft door-mounted or vehicle-mounted machine gun. Has spade grips and an aircraft ring-type sight. M60E3 Lightweight version of the M60. OPERATION. The M60 machine gun is loaded, fired, unloaded, and cleared from the open-bolt position Armalite AR 10(T) Rifle - 7.62 NATO for sale online Colt Sporter Pre-Ban 7.62 X 39 LOWER PRICE Post by Soundlogic » Sat Nov 07, 2020 10:30 pm I am selling my Pre-ban Colt Sporter chambered in 7.62 X 39.Circa early 90's

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Upper Pyshma, Russia - July 02, 2016: machine gun 12.7 mm in the turret of a soviet medium tank T-62 mod. 1961. Royalty-Free Stock Photo. Download preview. Exhibit of the Museum of military equipment. Tank produced from 1961 to 1973. tank produced, military equipment,. As the most modern tank design of the late 1960s and early 1970s, the T-64 was a departure from the Soviet penchant for simple armored vehicle designs, such as the T-54/55 and T-62 T-90 main gun barrel. 35B128: 8.05: 0pcs: AUF1 155mm L/39 Gun barrel for French self propelled artillery designed for Meng model. 35B129: 7.44: Soviet 76,2mm L/11 Gun barrel for T-34 (early version) 35B130: 3.09: 7,5 cm KwK 37 L/24 PzKpfw III, PzKpfw IV, SdKfz.233, SdKfz.234/3. 35B131: 3.09: 0pcs: 120mm M58 Barrel for M103, M103 A1 and M103 A2.

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As a vertical gun system, this weapon could have used only guided munitions. With the more traditional design, both conventional as well as guided munitions may now be used. The concept of this weapon is thus similar to that of the 5/62 (12.7 cm) Mark 45 Mod 4 program. Ballistic round development for AGS has been reportedly postponed or cancelled and none of the existing US Army or NATO 155 mm projectiles can be adapted for use in AGS Proceed to Homepag

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AIR FORCE T.O. 11W2-6-4-11 HEADQUARTERS DEPARTMENTS OF THE ARMY AND AIR FORCE Washington D.C., 21 May 1998 Unit and Direct Support Maintenance Manual (Including Repair Parts and Special Tools List) for MACHINE GUN, 7.62-MM, M60 W/E (1005-00-605-7710) and MACHINE GUN, 7.62-MM, M60D W/E (1006-00-909-3002 Royal Salute 62 Gun Salute was created to pay tribute to generations of royal tradition and the legacy of the whisky's four master blenders. It is a unique and exclusive blend, the most prestigious expression within Royal Salute's permanent collection, owing to its exceptional age, taste and limited supply, said Pernod Ricard.. So The T-62A Is Now The Most Accurate Gun? - posted in General Discussion: Leo is/was still about its speed anyway. If it becomes more of a niche tank thats not a bad thing. If they decide its underpowered in comparison itll get buffed which is good, but if not it will still be good at what it doe If you searching to evaluate T3 Gun And 7 62 X39 Copper Jacket price. This item is very nice product

The main gun barrel protruded a distance away from the turret and was seen with a fume extractor near the muzzle. A snorkel allowed for amphibious fording of water sources. The T-55A model series appeared in 1963 and were produced into 1981 due to the lackluster response of the newer T-62 in sales and performance Enfield 7.62 Trials Rifle dated 1959 S/N 137. Used in 1959 to test 7.62 Rifle desig Gun Owners Use iTarget. The app has enhanced my routine dry fire training sessions. The consistency with maintaining a practice regimen has improved my marksmanship when I visit the firing range. F. Murphy. iTarget not only eliminates the guessing of where your shots would hit but it also allows for quick improvements with visible results

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The Hawken Shop® Oak Harbor, WA 1-360-679-4657 Contact Us It's more than a rifle---it's history. Original Hawken Rifle Kits Original Hawken kits - Kits are available 95% inlayed requiring only minimal hand tools and patience to do the final fitting The M240B is a belt-fed, air-cooled, gas-operated, fully automatic machine gun that fires from the open bolt position. This reliable 7.62mm machine gun delivers more energy to the target than the. Gun Search Australia. A simple site, cause I'm simple. Filter your way to the gun you want. Scroll to the bottom for filters if viewing on mobile. Search for: Search. Menu. Be the first to review Tikka T3X Battue 9.3×62 Cancel reply. Your email address will not be published

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Many different armored vehicles were built using the Panzer 38(t) chassis including many Panzerjager versions, like the Marder III armed with a modified Russian 7.62 cm field gun (M1936). Heavy camouflage and a well selected combat position was necessary for the crew's survival. Source:www.worldwarphotos.inf LIKE and SUBSCRIBE if you ENJOY! ----- Game: Borderlands 2 Platform: Playstation 4 Video Type: Clip (Legendary Drop) Episode: / Pl.. 7 Buds Gun Shop. Shooters who get into a conversation about the best online gun stores invariably mention Buds Gun Shop. They must be classed as one of the 10 best places to buy high-quality ammo online. Not forgetting the fact they supply just about everything else a shooter needs. You will always find discounts and special online deals available T-62A battle [4.9K Damage, Sniper, Top Gun ] [ Ultra ] [ 1080p video ] - posted in Replays and Streaming: Greeting all, Nice battle with my T-62A Enjoy

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5.56 62 Grain FMJ FRONTIER with Hornady Bullets FR2615 - 150 Rounds. $189.99. Add to Cart. Quick view.223 55gr FMJ BVAC - 50rds, Factory Remanufactured Bulk. $49.99. Add to Cart. Quick view. 22 LR Aguila High Velocity 38 Grain Copper HP - 1,000 Rounds. $239.99. Add to Cart. Quick view 1/35 US 75mm M3 Gun Barrel for Sherman M4 Series w/M34 & M43A1 Mounts for Tasca. Aber: AU$12.95 AU$10.95: AB 35L-98: 1/35 Set of 2 Barrels for German Tank Machine Gun MG34 w/Panzer Mantel. Aber: AU$21.95 AU$18.50: VBS0190: 1/35 WWII US 76mm L/52 Gun Barrel w/Antenna Base for Sherman 76mm Series Turret. Voyager Models

Anti-gun zealots continue to fail to grasp the simple concept that criminals don't care about gun laws and don't get their weapons through legal channels and thus wouldn't be affected by any new gun laws. That said, I think most gun owners would be receptive to small changes in laws, i.e. closing gun show loopholes and fair red flag laws. Latest gun control effort isn't merely a failure. It corrodes trust among Canadians Liberal government's gun ban is craven wedge politics that will do nothing to advance public safety, writes Jay. See Gallup's Guns Topics A to Z page for the full trend on gun ownership since 1959.. The latest results are from Gallup's annual Crime poll, conducted Sept. 30-Oct. 15, 2020. As is typical, the rate of personal gun ownership varies most by political party and ideology, gender, race/ethnicity, region and urbanicity, with smaller differences seen by household income and marital status And when it's time to clean a gun, you can't use just any old cleaning supplies. You need a cleaning kit designed specifically for the gun at hand. The best gun cleaning kits are equipped to clean the most common calibers: .22 long rifle, .32 caliber pistol, 308/7.62, 410 shotgun, 12 gauge, 30-30, to name a few The M240, officially Machine Gun, 7.62mm, M240, is the US military designation for the FN MAG (Mitrailleuse d'Appui Général, meaning General Purpose Machine Gun), a family of belt-fed, gas-operated medium machine guns firing the 7.62×51mm NATO cartridge.. The M240 has been used by the United States Armed Forces since the late-1970s. It is used extensively by infantry, most often rifle.

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